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Understanding Gum Disease

Statistics show that an estimated 75% of Americans have some form of gum disease. Periodontal disease can progress to a point where the patient loses some or all of their teeth and the infection spreads to other parts of the body. Some studies suggest a link between periodontal disease and systemic health issues, an increased risk for developing certain types of cancer, and problems such as memory loss. Gum disease is preventable but there is still no cure for existing conditions. Periodontal therapy such as deep teeth cleaning treatments, scaling and root planing, and laser gum treatment may help to eradicate the infection in the mouth.

1 %
Of Adults Have Gum Disease
1 %
Of Adults Have Lost All Their Teeth

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Stages of Gum Disease

Many people do not realize that they have symptoms of the early stages of gum disease until they experience bleeding gums or some tooth sensitivity. Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease and is reversible. This problem occurs when the tissue is inflamed and bleeds easily. If left untreated, the condition progresses to periodontitis and advanced periodontitis which can cause tooth loss. Periodontal disease is a progressing infection in the mouth that can wear away the tissues and break down the supporting structure.

gum disease stage 1
  • Healthy gums and tooth
gum disease stage 2
  • Gingivitis
gum disease stage 3
  • Periodontitis
gum disease stage 5
  • Advanced Periodontitis

Diagnosing Gum Disease

We can diagnose gum disease at our practice with a thorough oral examination that includes digital x-rays. In most cases, we will recommend an in-office exam and deep teeth cleaning sessions at least twice a year. Dr. Keo will use a periodontal probe to measure the depth of the pockets between the teeth and gum tissue. This helps us determine the severity of gum disease. X-rays will show us how much of the tooth or gums have deteriorated because of an active infection in the mouth.

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