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Cosmetic Services to Enhance Your Appearance

If you need a smile makeover and want to feel more confident about your smile, talk to Dr. Duongvannak J.B. Keo about cosmetic dentistry procedures and treatments. We offer a range of cosmetic procedures for a brighter and more beautiful smile. We also offer injectables and fillers such as Botox and Juvederm to take care of wrinkles and fine lines.

Cosmetic Services We're Proud To Offer Include:

dental filling

Metal-free filings can restore and strengthen a damaged tooth. These fillings are designed to look just like your real teeth. We offer composite fillings at our practice and may use the Planmeca crown machine to further protect the tooth structure.

dental veneers

Porcelain veneers are cosmetic restorations that instantly transform one or more teeth by brightening, aligning, and correcting imperfections such as chips, gaps, worn teeth, discoloration, and slight misalignment. Aesthetic in nature, porcelain veneers significantly enhance the appearance of the smile, while helping to improve oral function. Utilizing this knowledge of technical and artistic elements of porcelain veneers, this treatment consistently brings results that harmonize aesthetically with facial shape and smiles of patients.

dental crowns patient

Why is crown and bridge treatment necessary?
Losing a permanent tooth, whether due to dental decay, periodontal (gum) disease, injury or accident, can cause many serious problems for your neighboring teeth. Because the support and chewing forces are altered, the remaining teeth may begin to shift. The opposing teeth above or below the lost tooth can begin to move up or down and out of the socket, which can accelerate periodontal disease and further break down the bone structure. If the missing tooth is not replaced, more teeth may eventually be lost due to the improper forces exerted during chewing.

What is a crown?
A crown — sometimes called a “cap” — is a tooth-like covering placed over a carefully prepared existing tooth. Used to strengthen, restore or improve the appearance of your natural, a crown is placed on an individual tooth much like a thimble over your finger. Crowns serve many functions in addition to being used to strengthen a tooth to accommodate the attachment of a fixed bridge. One of the most common is to support the tooth when there is no longer sufficient tooth structure left to place a filling. Crowns may also be used to protect the structure of a tooth that is fractured or broken.

What is a bridge and why are crowns involved?
A bridge is a custom device anchored to neighboring teeth that replaces one or more missing teeth. When a lost tooth is replaced with bridgework, the teeth on either side of the missing one must be prepared as crowns fused to porcelain. Both appearance and function are considered when selecting the material most suitable for you.

dental patient undergoing full mouth reconstruction procedure

Full mouth reconstruction is a comprehensive process designed to restore a failing or damaged smile. The goal of full mouth reconstruction is to rebuild your smile from the ground up until it has reached optimal health, function, and beauty. Through a series of personalized procedures, we are able to treat disease and decay, restore proper bite function, correct broken, chipped, or worn teeth, and replace any number of lost teeth with dental implants. With a focus on your whole-body health, full mouth reconstruction can completely transform your smile, confidence, and quality of life.

Invisalign is the leading clear aligner solution on the market, and for good reason. Over 8 million people have used Invisalign to successfully straighten their smiles! In six or more months, you can realign and rebalance a healthy bite and a smile you can be confident in. Engineered with decades of research behind it, Invisalign has shown to fix overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites along with crowded teeth and gaps. Using 3D mapping software, each aligner is made custom to you using comfortable, yet durable SmartTrack® material.

teeth whitening patient

In office teeth whitening with the ZOOM! Teeth Whitening system can brighten your smile by several shades in just one hour. This popular teeth whitening procedure is completely painless and can help you achieve that beautiful white smile in just one visit.

botox patient smiling

Smooth out deep wrinkles and lines along the forehead or around the eyes with Botox Cosmetic. Many dental professionals now use Botox as part of treatment for TMJ and bruxism to help relax the contracting muscles. If you are suffering from TMJ or the effects of bruxism, Botox may be a valuable addition to your treatment plan.

juviderm patient

Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid filler that can be very effective for filling out the lips, correcting laugh lines around the mouth, and filling out fine to moderate wrinkles on other parts of the face. We offer Juvederm for cosmetic enhancement at our practice.

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