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The No Scalpel, No Stitches Gum Recession Treatment

Restore your gum line without invasive surgery.

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the Pinhole® Surgical Technique

If you have sensitive teeth because the gums have worn away or you have noticeable signs of gum recession, you may be a good candidate for the Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST™). This technique addresses gum recession without surgery and can be very effective for restoring the gum line. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that can produce immediate cosmetic benefits.

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Cosmetic Benefits of the Pinhole Surgical Technique

If you feel self-conscious about your smile because of receding gums but are not ready for a gum graft procedure, talk to us about the Pinhole Surgical Technique. This minimally-invasive alternative to traditional gum recession surgery can restore the gum line without any incisions or sutures. The gums heal quickly from the procedure, and results are long-lasting. Dr. Duongvannak J.B. Keo has extensive experience performing this procedure, and will work to restore your beautiful smile.

Do I Really Need To Treat Recession?

Untreated gum recession can cause an increase in sensitivity to hot or cold, increased susceptibility to tooth decay and loose teeth. However, the greatest issue most people have with gum recession is how it negatively affects your appearance. Treating gum recession can improve your self-esteem and oral health.

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  • After The Pinhole Surgical Technique
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  • After Traditional Cut and Sew Gum Grafting

I'm Nervous About Gum Graft Procedures

PST isn’t like traditional gum grafting. PST doesn’t require cutting or sutures!

What to expect

The Pinhole Surgical Technique can be used to restore the gum line around a single tooth or around several teeth in a single visit. To perform this procedure, Dr. Keo will make small holes in the gum tissue above the area where gum recession has occurred. The tissue loosens slightly and is pulled down over the problem areas. The gums will heal in this new position very quickly, resulting in a more attractive gum line.

This alternative to gum recession surgery is performed in-office and takes less time than a gum graft. It is very effective for restoring a gum line that may have been damaged by aggressive tooth brushing, gum disease, or bite misalignment. Because this is a minimally invasive procedure, there are minimal complications and less bleeding and swelling involved than in traditional gum grafting procedures. Patients can enjoy cosmetic benefits immediately.

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  • Pinhole® Surgical Technique is minimally invasive treatment for gum recession.

Why Choose the Pinhole Surgical Technique?

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Minimally Invasive

No cutting or sutures are needed to correct gum recession with the PST procedure.

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Instant Results

You will be able to see immediate results after your procedure.

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Less Post-Op Pain

PST does not require donor tissue from a secondary surgical site.

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Permanent Results

Practicing good oral hygiene will ensure your gums will not recede again.

no scalpels, no fear. Choose the gentle way.

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